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The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard method for web server software to delegate the generation of web pages to executable files. Such files are known as CGI scripts; they are programs, often stand-alone applications, usually written in a scripting language.

Download the free cgi scripts on the right bt clicking on the title

Access Denied
A CGi ht.password Manager
Expired Domain Finder
Search for expired Domain Names on the Internet
A CGi Script to aid in file download locations
Active Table
This script will read a tab-delimited text file produced by Microsoft Excel or Access and tabulate them as HTML table inside your own template.
Auto Gallery
Run Your own webbased Gallery Hosting Service
Banner Exchange 9
Run Your Own Banner Exchange with this Cgi Script
Active Callender
A CGi Callender for your Website
A Cgi Autoresponder to emails sent to a certain email address